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Lorong 10

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Lorong 10

Lorong 10

At night Lorong 10 is filled with people. It's pretty much should-to-shoulder sidewalk standing of Chinese dolls looking for customers. Traffic is bumper-to-bumper and lot's of people walking on crowded streets/ At daytime, most hookers are sleeping or waiting inside hotel rooms. Afternoons are dominated by freelancers from Indonesia who do their "Psssst" routine on Lorong 10 and 8. You can follow them around the corner and listen to what they have to say. They are very secretive.

Sometimes there are older gentlemen coming outside of massage shops and hotels to ask you to come inside. They will lead you to a selection of their female employees who are available for massage. Unfortunately, they do charge non-locals twice the rate of Singapore brothers. Too bad, they destroy their own business by discriminating against other races.

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Sing's ethnic quarters are most famous for it's legal brothels, cheap short time hotels and hooker line-ups at night. Cheap sex for brothers, but surcharge for foreign tourists. Disgraceful discrimination of Johns, but hookers are sexy and dressed to kill.


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