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Golden Star

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Golden Star

Golden Star
Right along Telma Road, Golden Star hotel would offer some of the cheapest rooms in Geyland enthic quarters. It was a great place for shooting veuyeur photos at night of what was going on outside on Lorongs as long as the RLD was bustling. It was always difficult to shoot photos on the streets as pimps and their bothers did not like that and one had to hide cameras. Another alternative was to cruise around in a limousine and shoot from the inside, but for that it was too much traffic on Lorong 10. Well, Golden Star hotel is still around and the reception staff speaks English according to not so great reviews on Tripadvisor website.

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Sing's ethnic quarters are most famous for it's legal brothels, cheap short time hotels and hooker line-ups at night. Cheap sex for brothers, but surcharge for foreign tourists. Disgraceful discrimination of Johns, but hookers are sexy and dressed to kill.


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