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Golden Star

Golden Star
Right along Telma Road, Golden Star hotel would offer some of the cheapest rooms in Geyland enthic quarters. It was a great place for shooting veuyeur photos at night of what was going on outside on Lorongs as long as the RLD was bustling. It was always… more »
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Lorong 10

Lorong 10
At night Lorong 10 is filled with people. It's pretty much should-to-shoulder sidewalk standing of Chinese dolls looking for customers. Traffic is bumper-to-bumper and lot's of people walking on crowded streets/ At daytime, most hookers are sleeping or… more »
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Filipino Hooker in Singapore

Massage parlours in Geylang offer various ethnic nationalities like Indonesian, Indian, Sri Lankan and Chinese ladies, but what about prostitutes from the Philippines? There are very little Filipino women available between Lorong 4 and 12. Filipinas are… more »
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Online Hooker Scandal

About two years ago a sniper photographer rented a hotel room in one of the Geylang midrise hotels on Telma Road and made photos of hookers and cars passing by at night. The images revealed highend cars and their license plates. Aston Martins, Jaguars a… more »
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Indian Prostitutes

Indian prostitutes in Singapore
Indian prostitutes in Singapore
Prostitutes of many different ethnic background can be found in Geylang RLD. Normally, they are not mixed like colored balls, but each ethnic group has a certain place. Indian prostitutes are located in a connecting alley between Lorong 10 and 12, just… more »
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Basics about Geylang Road

Geylang Road is a trucking road joining Singapore's business district with suburban areas close to Changi airport. Both sides of Geylang Road host low-rise houses utilized for great restaurants and service shops protected statutorily from urban redevelo… more »
Sing's ethnic quarters are most famous for it's legal brothels, cheap short time hotels and hooker line-ups at night. Cheap sex for brothers, but surcharge for foreign tourists. Disgraceful discrimination of Johns, but hookers are sexy and dressed to kill.


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Indian prostitutes in Singapore


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